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i am suffering from explosion hangover. i have felt the concussion of bombs, firecrackers, whistling petes, bottle rockets, and the occasional m-80 coupled with a group chorus bayed by every dog in the neighborhood for the last three nights. thank goodness there is plenty to talk about, because my creativity has been blown apart by every firework possibly known to marco polo and the unhappy, but inevitable and expected news that robin van persie has determined to forever destroy his standing with every arsenal supporter on earth.

considering the state arsenal are in, with the prospect of losing their talisman thanks to the penny-pinching ways of a mustachioed, gouche-toupee wearing carpetbagger more concerned with watching the denver nuggets play new orleans than being present at even one match last season, we as timbers supporters should be rather thankful for the passion, commitment and efforts of merritt paulson to bring a good team to portland. i feel like william faulkner after that sentence, but you get the point. regardless of his gaffs in social media (fair to say that not one person on twitter has had training in tweeting, yours truly included), merritt does bleed timbers green and is trying to improve the side.

standing firm on his commitment to improve the timbers, yesterday merritt brought in a peach--or an asian pear. now ex-colorado rapids right back, kosuke kimura, arrived much to the pleasure of the timbers faithful and to the dismay of the rapids followers. reviewing the official rapids website should give you an indication of the esteem in which them folk in denver held kimura. i know i was impressed, if not concerned with the health of several of the commentors to the point i would not be surprised if a spike in suicides happened last night in denver. i completely understand their grief.

but their loss is the timbers gain and the timbers did gain a heck of a competitor for allocation funds and an international spot. kimura has started in 117 games during a career that began in 2007. last year he started in all 34 of the rapids regular season matches, which indicates he is reliable and durable. given the timbers reliance on their backs to carry the attack on the wings, durability is necessary. he is a pacy, nasty bit, who works tirelessly for his side. in the few games i have watched him play i have been very impressed. if you have not seen him play, you can watch some of his highlights here, here, and here.

but his commitment to the team is mirrored by his commitment to the community. this is a fella who was voted the rapids humanitarian of the year for 2010. if you think that character does not translate onto the pitch, you are crazy. needless to say i think the timbers have brought in a solid acquisition. and if you do not believe mr. sunshine, here is what the gaffer had to say:

He's a terrific person, great character, unbelievable enthusiasm, came right in and starts talking and bossing guys around. That is what experienced players do.

what the acquisition of kimura does to the complexion of the timbers roster going forward i am uncertain and unlikely to know given the difficulties i still have with understanding the mls cap system--and i have read the rules several times.

one thing the new acquisition does affect is the position of captain jack. jack is the only man spencer has publicly guaranteed a position in the starting xi. justified or not, that is the case. let's be frank, or judy, because the timbers have finally landed a class rightback jack is moving elsewhere again. frankly, i have concerns about this ramification of the trade. rightback gave jack an opportunity to do as little harm to the side as possible. now, the likely destination will be for him to sit next to diego chara in the midfield, doing little else than clog up an attack already limited in its creativity. perhaps that is a luxury problem, but i really hate to afford such a luxury to an already limited timbers offense. especially with the timbers going to rio tinto this saturday knowing that spencer has declared kimura will play against real salt lake.

He will play on Saturday in Salt Lake. That is why we brought him here: we brought him here to play and he is going to play.

on the 4th, after shecky and his lady left our intimate bbq, i stole away from mrs. sunshine and her dancer friend as they discussed the blazers with the excuse i needed to check on our cats. the mortars and 88m shells had begun to fly overhead, so their nerves were likely rattled. really, i wanted to catch the rsl/sounders match. after 20 minutes of drooling from boredom, i turned the television off and returned to a different, but special sort of husband boredom. in the 20 minutes i did view of this nil-nil nail biter real salt lake dominated possession and ran seattle everywhere. i forgot the speed and precision with which real could complete passes, how assured beckerman is within the midfield, and how dangerous espindola could be on the right side of the attack. thankfully, the timbers will not face espindola this saturday because he is ineligible due to a prediliction for accumulating yellow cards.

since we last saw real, they have also made additions to their defense. on the back of an unusual 3 loss skid (i know, shocking that a side could lose 3 straight), ex-rev, kenny mansally, and ex-chicago fire product, kwame watson-siriboe, were inserted into a back four has allowed 21 goals against so far this season. coincidently, the same number the timbers have allowed. unlike 5 minutes of you tube highlights, 20 minutes of live play does not provide a fella much time to assess the qualities of two players. what i did see were two players who stepped into an occasion made possible by the absence of mls defender of the year, jamison olave, and took their chances well.

i am not certain how an ex-striker and an unknown from the fire will do against the timbers. but it should be noted they held fredy and zakuani to no goals apiece. on that effort alone i think they will be world beaters.

well, the sun is popping up and it threatens to be a beautiful day. go enjoy it, unless you are working...


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  1. Shecky

    July 6, 2012

    Ran into Eric Alexander this morning out walking his dog. That makes 3 times now and this time he recognized me. We shook hands and formally introduced. I mentioned the feelings of happiness at the acquisition of Kimura and delicately mentioned my sadness about Captain Jack returning to midfield. Eric was very diplomatic saying he had no idea what might happen, but did say we might be seeing a 4-3-3 tomorrow.

    I guess we shall see soon enough.

    Fingers crossed that Mom’s country dish system has KPDX.

    And that BBQ was perfect. Ate too much as usual at the Sunshine abode. Thanks again.

  2. Shecky

    July 6, 2012

    Also, rumors of a Songo’o sprained knee keeping him out for a week or 2.

    • theaxepdx

      July 6, 2012

      no rumours. i think spencer said it himself. link to stumptown for the quotes.


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